Almost Done! The Koa guitar- Number 4

Surprising that it has been just over a month since my last post!  I ran into several problems applying the finish to the Koa guitar…  I burned through the horn while buffing, and ended up refinishing the whole guitar.  I finally completed that, had the guitar sitting on a sofa in the living room and somehow Petey, my six year old, put a gouge on top of the guitar.  So I had to sand it out and refinish it once again.  Each finish takes a couple of weeks before it can be buffed.

I made the pickups from the same wood as the fretboard- bocote wood.  I then decided that I should make the knobs to match, so I turned them on a lathe and spent countless hours making them identical to each other (to within four thousands of an inch, anyway).  I spent even more time putting the thick glossy coat on these knobs.  I decided to apply Super Glue to them for durability and had real problems getting the finish to match exactly from knob to knob.  I set metal sleeves inside the knobs, perfectly centered, so the knobs don’t rock on the potentiometer shafts as they turn.