About DHD

I’m Dan Harris

I became obsessed with luthery this Spring, 2012. It’s now August and I’ve made just two guitars so far, with hopefully many more on the way. I’ve started Dan Harris Design (DHD) to display guitars, amps, and to talk about techniques and ideas. I’m new to building guitars but have played and collected them for many years. I’ve got over 30 guitars now ranging from early 20th century acoustics and harp guitars through the classic electrics of the late 50’s and 60’s, to present day products from Fender, Gibson, PRS and several small custom builders like Atomic (in Arizona) and Brett Faust of USACG. I started working with wood as a young boy in my fathers’ basement workshop. I’ve recently put an addition on our house for my new workshop. Possibly the single best investment I made was my 16″ Minimax bandsaw, but I also use my Minimax combination machine extensively too. I’m otherwise using all my hand tools and many lutherie tools provided by stewmac.com


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