2nd Guitar- “Driftwood 1”

We go on walks in our neighborhood by the South River in Annapolis, MD.

One evening I found an old plank of driftwood and took it home to dry out for a few months. I think it is cedar, happily it wasn’t pressure treated. I lopped off the top quarter inch or so and flitch matched it to create the top of Driftwood 1.  The middle section of this plank was surprisingly unaffected by the saltwater, and had a nice grain.  I cut a half-inch or so from the center to use as a top for Driftwood 2.

I wonder how long this plank of wood was floating around in the bay.  It may have been in the sea for a few years.  What are the odds that someone would come along, find the wood and make a guitar or two from it?

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