3rd guitar- Driftwood 2

Here finally is the mostly complete Driftwood 2!  I still have to put knobs on it.  I’ve ordered some nice amber speed knobs, but will probably end up making copper ones.  I don’t have a lot of space between the knobs so I think I have to stay within a 3/4″ outside diameter.  This guitar shows a real improvement in my finishing technique.  I think two things contributed substantially:

1) I took an old antenna mast, hammered one end flat, cut it apart and now use it as the handle when applying lacquer.  I used to use a wooden handle and I’d hang the part from a transmission jack outside.  I can now paint with the work mounted horizontally rather than vertically.  Made all the difference for me because I like to apply heavy coats.  I’ve now practically eliminated drips!  I’ll hold the handle while spraying at difficult to reach spots, and put it in the mast “socket” which is clamped to a solid surface while spraying the top and bottom.

2) I bought a StewMac buffer.  As I’ve mentioned before in my posts, this gadget will make anything shine!  I’ve never been able to get tiny scratches out of my projects until now.  The medum and fine Menzerna compounds sold as part of this kit work wonders.  I even tried buffing my metal parts with this and was amazed by the improvement.  Of course the metal stained the buffing pads and I’ll have to get new ones just for the wood, but they are pretty quick and easy to change.

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