Now We Are Three


I’ve spent some dough on a new gadget for the workshop…  It is the brand-new model buffer system from Stewart MacDonald luthier supply.  They have been promising to deliver this new version in September and as soon as I saw it on the site I ordered one.  It arrived poorly packaged, with holes on both ends of the box, and the metal rod poking out one end.  There was a little wobble once I put it together, I guessed it was damaged in shipping.  I complained and received another one yesterday.  Sadly it was also poorly packaged, but this time the outer box wasn’t breached.  The inner box was still busted and the unit had no padding but for a little crumpled brown paper.  I set it up and it wobbled even more than the first one.

I decided to simply try the thing and see how it worked.

And WOW.  what a difference- in a few minutes I had a shine unlike anything I’ve ever done before.  Sure I still have to work on it a little, but it is just amazing how well this system works to polish a guitar!  So I decided to stop worrying about the wobbling buffer and be happy with the results.

I’m starting to piece it all together now-  here are some early photos: