New Design- Dual Stage Pop Filter

My old pop filter, a beat-up Shure “Popper Stopper”, was really getting gross.  It had numerous runs in the fabric and smelled bad.  There was no way I could use it in good conscience with any singers other than myself.  I decided to design and make my own pop filter using leftover wood from my homemade guitars and some perforated metal I had kicking around.  I fashioned an attractive aluminum and wood clamp mechanism and did some tests, recording my results.  It worked pretty well and was remarkably free of sonic artifacts.  But it wasn’t foolproof- if I really popped a P, or if I got too close to the mic I could still overload the diaphragm.  So I decided to add a removable 2nd stage!  I ordered some 150 micron fabric screen and made a wooden ring with imbedded neodymium magnets so the 2nd stage easily clips to the powder coated steel 1st stage.  Now the gadget really worked for more extreme plosives.
I found that the 2nd stage also ever so slightly softened the upper midrange too.  This really gave a smooth sheen to vocals and made mid price vocal mics sound more like high dollar German condensers from the 50’s.  I’ve made perhaps 10 of these pop filters so far and they’ve met with nothing but praise.  So, if you want to buy one, I’m selling them for $179 each (sales to 49 contiguous USA only, free shipping).  let me know your preferred color- they come in blue, translucent blue, red, translucent red, chrome, black and white.  Please check out the build video and photos below!  Let me know your color preference by sending an email to my gmail address- dan harris design (removing spaces).    

Translucent Blue   
Translucent Red